What Type of Boats Are Used in Deep Sea Angling?

Deep sea angling generally takes place in waters which are deeper than 30 metres or so. As such, a sea going vessel is required in order to conduct this type of fishing safely. In most places around the coast, a depth of water which exceeds 30 metres means travelling out from land a considerable distance; many miles in some places. Therefore, specialist seafaring techniques are often required and sufficient knowledge from the skipper with shipping lanes, tidal movements and weather patterns are essential – even if the anglers on board don’t need these sorts of skills. When hiring a boat to take you out to sea where you may be at the mercy of the elements, it is essential to hire a vehicle that is suited to the job. Generally, this means a larger boat that is kitted out properly for the sport. Sport fishing boats are among the most popular as they are usually fast and able to keep up with many power boats. They often posses a high foredeck which connects a rear-set cabin. Sometimes, more luxurious deep sea angling boats of this type will also have a flybridge set above the cabin.

The offshore boats that are suited to deep sea angling are commonly a good deal more sizeable than lake boats. Sports fishing boats tend to be moored in a marina or at a quayside alongside other working vessels, such as trawler boats, but are equally at home next to yachts. A boat that is designed for deep sea line fishing should be sturdily built so that it can brave inclement weather and the sort of large waves that are sometimes encountered at open sea. Some of the boats in use by deep sea angling differ in design and a few have been converted to this purpose from another use. However, all should be big enough to be capable of carrying the rods necessary for angling as well as providing an area – usually at the back of the boat – to land a large fish. Some will have seats that are held in place at the back so that anglers can strap themselves in whilst reeling in a strong swimming fish.

Generally costly to build and maintain, hire prices for sports angling boats vary greatly. That is why a good deal of offshore recreational anglers charter boats in small groups rather than owning them outright. Because the practice of deep sea angling can be expensive, a good many charter skippers have luxury boats that don’t just cater for fishing but other sea going recreation, too.

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