What is spear fishing, is it legal and how do I get into it?

Spearfishing is an old method of fishing that’s been used for thousands of years. Ancient civilisations used sharpened sticks to catch fish from rivers and streams. The modern spearfishing now uses slings or powdered spearguns to strike the fish. In fact, many special methods and tools have been developed for targeting different types of fish.

Spearfishing attracts large numbers of people who want to catch their next meal or to fish competitively at local and national levels. British rivers provide some of the best spearfishing opportunities in the world, as long as you master basic techniques and learn how to overcome strong tides. However, there are many coastlines in the UK that provide excellent visibility for beginner fishers. Some of these areas include the southwest of England and Scotland, although there are many other locations that equally provide good fishing opportunities.

How to get into spearfishing
By far the safest way to get into spearfishing is to join a club and learn the ins and outs of this sport from experienced fishermen. You can find these clubs by browsing the Internet. It is also advisable to learn how to snorkel without the use of underwater breathing equipment. Once you can hold your breath underwater for at least 20 seconds, you will be able to move on to the next level.

Are you fit enough to spearfish?
As the sea is a potentially harsh environment, you must be prepared for any eventualities in advance. With this in mind, you should be in good physical health and be able to swim 200m. If you have a history of heart problems, it is best to seek medical advice before spearfishing. If you are in a fit condition, this sport can help maintain your cardiovascular health without putting pressure on your joints or muscles.

Is spearfishing legal?
You don’t need a license for certain types of spearguns, however, spears are potentially dangerous tools and according to the law, they are offensive weapons that cannot be carried in public places. If you wish to spearfish in the sea around Britain’s coast, you won’t need a license or permit, but spearfishing is illegal in the non-tidal areas of rivers. There is also national legislation on the minimum size of fish that can be legally taken.

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