What do you Need to Bring on your Deep Sea Fishing Trip?

There is nothing like the adventure and sheer drama of deep sea fishing; the isolation and peace of the open sea. But that distance does mean that everything you need will have to be brought with you, so what will you need to be fully equipped for your deep sea adventure?

To some extent, this depends on the fish you expect to catch. The bait will vary from one fish to another, as will the size of hook, and perhaps the weight of the rod. Aside from rod, hooks, and bait you will need sinkers for deep sea fishing as the bait and hook won’t have the necessary weight alone. Extra fishing line is also a must, and make your line as durable as you can, as deep sea fishing is hard on fishing lines. Needle nose pliers are crucial to remove the hook from the fish, or from your hand if you’re unlucky! Line cutters and a knife complete the essential fishing kit, though a tape measure is always good, to show just how big your catch was. If you plan to bring your catch home, take a cool box to keep it fresh, and take a camera to document the moment.

You will need to be prepared for a variety of conditions- cold, wind, rain, and sunshine- possibly all at once. A sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are essential even when the weather seems less than perfect because it’s easier than you think to catch a nasty sun burn on even a cooler day. Warm clothes are also essential. Even on a mild day the combination of breeze and water can chill you through, and if you get soaked you will need to change into something warm. Towels and comfortable soft shoes are equally important for your excursion, and spare pairs of dry socks can make all the difference when you are cold. A pair of gloves or even rags to hold the fish with are crucial as fish are pretty slippery. Take hand sanitizers for after handling fish, and before your lunch… which brings us to food: take more than you think you’ll need, and certainly more liquids. Don’t forget sea sickness medication, even if you think you’re sure you won’t need it. A small first aid kit can be a literal life saver, as not all boats are provided with their own.

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