Do I need insurance to go deep sea fishing?
Boat insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK but deep sea fishing is more dangerous than other types of fishing as it takes place in waters 30 metres deep or more, and far out from the coast, so you may want to purchase insurance just to be on the safe side and for peace of mind.

Do I need a licence to go deep sea fishing?
A licence is required to fish endangered species such as silver eels, shad and game fish. Other species do not require a licence to fish via deep sea fishing.

Is there a minimum age for children to go deep sea fishing?
This varies in different parts of the world and different companies but generally, young children are permitted to go out at sea on a deep sea fishing boat with an adult.

How can I prevent sea sickness when deep sea fishing?
There are specially designed anti-sickness remedies you can try that come in different forms, such as: oral spray, natural aromatic inhaler, medically-prescribed patch, gel, oil, wristband and pills. Avoid wearing glasses with bi-focal or tri-focal lenses as the rocking of the boat can move your vision between the lenses, adding to the motion sickness.

What can you expect to catch whilst deep sea fishing?
Plaice, Mackerel, Garfish, Silver eels, Bass, Pollock, Wrasse, Gurnard, Mullett, Weever fish, Pouting, Rockling, Conger eel, Smooth-hound, Tope, Turbot, Bream, Triggerfish, John Dory, Cod, Whiting, Dab, Flounder, Atlantic Wolffish, and more.

What is the best time of year to go deep sea fishing?
Different species are around during different seasons so it depends on whether you are looking for a specific species as to what season you fish for them, but generally, spring, summer and autumn are the most popular times to go deep sea fishing because there are a higher number of fish around.

What should I bring with me on a deep sea fishing trip?
Fishing gear such as a rod, extra fishing line, hooks, sinkers and bait. Other necessary items include needle nose pliers, line cutter, knife, rope tape measure, first aid box, sun gear, soft footwear, warm clothes, rag or gloves, camera, cooler, sea sickness medication, hand sanitiser, towels, water bottles, food and snacks.

What bait should I use when deep sea fishing?
Mackerels, minnows, shrimp and squid are common bait species for fishing deep sea fish.

Where is good to go deep sea fishing?
Some of the best places include Phuket, Cape Town, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Limón and Puntarenas in Costa Rica, Sicily, Victoria in Australia, Madeira, Florida, Guatemala and Mozambique.