big game fishing reels and rods

Deep sea angling is generally regarded as fishing in waters which offer a depth that is in excess of 30 metres. It is commonly conducted from a boat which allows anglers to reach a section of sea that is suitably deep and is sometimes therefore referred to as offshore boat fishing or open water angling. Due to the deep waters and sometimes stronger currents that are in play when the sport is conducted, it is often not regarded as something that inexperienced anglers should undertake without expert tuition. In many cases, deep sea angling is conducted under the auspices of an organised expedition into deep waters with a skipper who is in charge of all of the boating and navigation duties, allowing the anglers on board to get on with the business of fishing.

Larger species of game fish are often the target of deep sea angling expeditions. Common species that are fished for include marlin, swordfish and tuna. Due to the strength and size of these sorts of fish, heavy tackle is often a prerequisite. Angling is usually conducted with special sea rods that offer a great deal of strength which can be essential when hauling in a larger fish that could be running against the tide. Certain down tide rods, which have lines of up to 50 pounds and multiplier reels, are commonplace. Unlike river angling, baits tend to be more substantial. Typical baits used in deep sea angling include whole mackerel at times as well as things like squid. Some deep sea anglers make use of artificial lures, too. Where fishing expeditions are undertaken that are searching for larger cod and congers, bait tends to be used in a widespread way over a wreck or another place of cover for such species, thus maximising the chances of the fish taking the hook.

Many vessels can be hired across the UK for deep sea angling expeditions. They tend to be vessels that have sufficient space at the stern for fishing equipment and room enough to accommodate a large catch. As well as the extensive domestic industry that caters for deep sea angling in home waters, the sport is popular in the US and across the Caribbean.